Saturday, July 1, 2017

WIP: Terraformed Mars Planet and Map

A quick post to start off my July, here's something I've been working on in Grand Designer, a planet generator program on Steam I got on the Sale. I imported a NASA height map of Mars, did some editing in GD, then exported it in G-Projector and GIMP for alternative maps. That's a lot of Gs. Enjoy!

A full in-space render of New Mars (courtesy of Grand Designer)

The texture map I made in GD, which can be used to create all kinds of maps

Orthographic map created by G Projector with above texture map.

A hologram version edited in GIMP to make it seem more like something from Star Wars or XCOM's hologlobe

This was an exercise to something I want to do in my Sci Fi TTRPG. I want to make pictures of all of the planets in my setting's solar system for my players. It makes for a really cool play aide and really gets them immersed into the game. I plan on posting more of these in the future. What I'm trying to find is a way to convert my texture map into one of the dymaxion maps you see in Traveller/CE. G-Projector doesn't do that sadly.

In addition, I'm setting forth a challenge to myself. I want to do thirty posts for every day this week, ending on the 31st, when I turn thirty. I think it'll be a good challenge and I look forward to trying it out. Thirty to thirty!

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