Friday, July 7, 2017

Musing on Solo Supers

Firstly, a big thank you to +MoonSylver for their huge repository of superhero sandbox links. It's been pretty awesome to sift through this treasure trove of good ideas to get things set up on my end. So, many thanks to Moon.

With that in mind, I have a simplified patrol table for ease of use in the middle of a game. I'm going to be using Alien Shores's table, but paired down to just using a d10. I thought about having different odds of certain crimes depending on the area (industrial vs commercial, slums vs ritzy) but from reading tons and tons of comics, crime of any type can really happen anywhere. And plus, this is more going to be for fast use in the middle of a game, whether it's a solo game or with a group of friends. I am considering a drop-down dice table, but we'll see what time permits. Working at a restaurant next to a movie theater in the summertime means my time is very very limited.

That all said, I haven't quite decided on what to use as a system. I'm going between ICONS, Guardians, and now Supers!, which I hear is really good. ICONS seems good but I just don't like FATE all that much. Guardians is OSR and more familiar to me but seems more limited. Supers! I don't have, and looks really unfamiliar to me, so it'll take time to learn it. I'm down for trying anything new though.

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