Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Whether it's studying or slamming weights, people can get stronger and better through intense training and practice. Here are some simple training rules.

Time to get those sick gains brah!

Training Regiment

Whenever a character takes time out to do a rigorous training scenario, they can roll to see an increase of their stat. This takes time (a week or two, maybe even a month depending on the GM), and at the end of the montage, the character rolls the corresponding stat to see if they gain a boost. Basically, take their stat, subtract it from 21, and that's the roll they have to beat to increase their stat by 1. So if they have a Str of 5, then they have to roll higher than a 16 to increase it to a Str 6. I decided on beat instead of meet and beat because the idea is going beyond the limit of your character's attributes. This can work with any stat. Go work with courtesans to increase your charisma.

Training Cap

There's only so much training can do until your natural limitations kick in. Once a stat is increased by 4, you cannot increase it further, unless you begin taking performance enhancement items. At the GM's option, they can have 18 be the hard cap for any stat, no matter what.

Alternatively, you can allow stats about 18 and make getting those gains harder. When trying to raise a stat above 18, you now have to beat your stat's value to increase it by 1. If you have a Str 18, then you have to roll a 19 or higher. This works with games that don't go above 20. Games like Pathfinder and 5e will probably need different training rules altogether.

I wanted to make this because I have an idea I've been brewing up for a game system I wish to create, once I get the bare bones down.

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