Monday, August 1, 2016


If you look around dark allies or in the deepest of forests, you are likely to run into a gangling creature called a huraño. Chances are, they are following you right now, trying desperately to stay out of sight while watching you jealously.

Huraño are crippling shy creatures filled with self loathing, so much so that they universally cover their bodies with worn rags and white masks so no one can see them. Their masks generally have a poorly drawn facsimile of a face of a creature they wish they were. Usually it's big predators, or beautiful animals, or mortal races. Mortals are common because they are so numerous and pretty and confident. That's what the huraño lacks. That's what they desire. A huraño will act out as their chosen creature, staging mock plays and changing its lair to look more like that of their 'prey'. In many ways, it's like watching a child play make believe with its toys and furniture scattered about. 

Huraño are harmless, almost laughably so. One confronted by their 'prey' will prostrate itself and beg for mercy, usually giving into any demand they make in hopes of escaping alive. It's not unusual to see a huraño crying and pleading in front of a small child or other harmless creature.

Most humans use the huraño for their own amusement. A huraño will do whatever you say out of fear of reprisal and if harmed, will assert that it somehow deserved it. It makes a great companion for the sadistic and sociopathic nobles that can somehow catch one. That's a feat in itself, as it is so frightened of being around people that it will flee instantly. It's joints are highly flexible and the huraño is very fast and limber, allowing it to fit through tiny cracks and get away from anyone. If you can catch one, you'll have an amazing slave to harm. Removing a huraño's mask will force it to die from sheer embarrassment and shame, since in its mind, you are removing its face. Its corpse won't last. Even in death, its body will disappear before anyone can see its true features. Such is the extent of a huraño's timidness.

But sometimes, very rarely, you'll have a kind-hearted soul that befriends the creature and fills it with the confidence it needs to remove its mask and live its own life. Many warn that they become a terrible, overconfident monster that eats people, and that's why they must be kept in place. Though the people that say this are the same ones that love torturing them, so who knows what's true. Maybe you'll get an amazing, life-long companion. Maybe the huraño can finally grow into its dream creature.


HD: 1
AC: 17
Movement: Always 5 feet more than the fastest person chasing it

Laughably Pathetic: Huraños have no attacks or natural defenses. They are simply hard to catch. Once caught and cowed, any attack against them automatically hits. Anyone that attacks a huraño gains health back equal to the damage. Huraños will do whatever is asked, except to remove their mask.

Crippling Depression: Huraños can only die if their mask is removed. Removing it is a DC 23 Strength check and the creature instantly dissolves into dust.

What's the Point?

I've always found people and nature to be more interesting as monsters and villains than hobgoblins and dragons. I wanted to do something different from the standard "make a terrifying monster". So I made a creature that will bring out the monster in the players. Throw it in and see what happens. You may be surprised! I leave it up to the GM to see what happens when a huraño is met with kindness and makes a lifelong friend with the PCs. 

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