Monday, June 20, 2016

EPF Match #2: Road to the American Open [WWWRPG Actual Play]

Taking a brief break from my sci fi dump to do my actual play of my bimonthly World Wide Wrestling RPG game on the heels of Money in the Bank. This match was shorter than the last as not everyone could make it. So I padded it with some NPC matches in the description.

Roster Appearance

Foul G: The leader of the Unholy Alliance. A fat, opportunistic heel Provocateur that won the Inter-Regional Championship and has been leading the stable on the warpath
Tavreth: The first member of the UNITY group. A face Monster with a martial arts motif. Kick a lot of ass in the last game on a three vs one handicap match.
El Capitan Verde: Another Veteran, a luchador that has joined forces with Tavreth to stop the Unholy Alliance and their reign of terror. Was beaten brutally by Foul G last game
Vlad Viper: A vampire golden boy that has been a bit out of the single match. Teamed with a mind controlled Sasha Lexington.
Sasha Lexington: A wasted submission expert battling alcoholism, she recently almost injured one of the EPF's enhancement talents. She's since been out of the ring.
Mailman Mann: The resident 'enhancement talent', Mailman Mann is, well, a mailman that wrestles. Plucky and endearing, yet never seems to snag the win.
Dungeon Master: The master of the hardcore, the Dungeon Master brings his d20 and kendo stick to make every match a hardcore one.

The Episode:

We start the segment backstage, as Foul G comes to gloat to the General Manager a bit about their upcoming match. Since he was over, he uses his pull to finagle a match between Mailman Mann, Sasha, and Dungeon Master. The General Manager humors the Rotund Rogue and grants him his wish. Meanwhile, Tavreth appears behind Foul G and uses his Over Move to make their title match at the American Open a Rage in a Cage match. The GM smiles and agrees, to the chagrin of Foul G.

First Match: Mailman Mann vs Sasha Lexington vs the Dungeon Master in a Hardcore Triple Threat
Probably to get revenge for her botch a couple of weeks ago, Mailman comes out swinging and uses a bicycle against Sasha successfully, and then to DM. DM takes control, rebounds off the ropes, and hits Mailman with a kendo stick. DM gets a shovel from under the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, and hits both Sasha and Mailman with the kendo and shovel. While DM gloats, Sasha takes control. Looking to show how a real wrestler fights, she hits DM with an electric chair facebuster and immediately does her finisher, the STS on DM to end the match early. Mailman does not want this to happen, so he Breaks Kayfabe and hits her with a bottle to stop the submission, giving Sasha a concussion.. The crowd goes absolutely nuts.

While everyone is shocked, Mailman takes a ramp from under the ring and does a sick nasty bike trick, hitting DM in the head. Then he gets a set of golf clubs from under the ring, sets up on the announce table, and hits a golf ball into DM's dice bag. DM trips him on the table, climbs the table, and gives him seven kendo shots to the chest as the crowd counts off each one. Then he runs into the ring to a rising Sasha and missile dropkicks Sasha. Mailmann runs in with his bike and hits them over and over with his bike, spinning and getting dizzy. Sasha takes control and does a swinging neckbreaker into a vertical suplex to the Mailman. While they are fighting, DM gets a set of scrap metal, pours it on the ground, throws Sasha on the top turnbuckle, and does a top rope suplex onto the metal on the ground. Mailman tried to capitalize on the carnage, but DM reverses him and slams MMM, pinning him for the win.

However, that wasn't the end, as Vlad runs in and slams DM. While he yells at his tag team partner Sasha for losing, Mailman hits him in the groin with a golf club and calls him out on a savage promo. Will we see a hot feud between these two?

Second Segment

GM is out and invites UNITY and the Unholy Alliance to come in for the match signing. The match next week will be an Achieve or Leave bout, between General Manager Montgomery Vincent Peterbilt and Foul G. The GM explains the legal papers and stipulations of the match. There can be no interference from anyone, including UNITY and the Unholy Alliance, or else Foul G immediately loses. Having 'read' the legal papers, Foul G signs the documents to seal his fate. Unfortunately for him, the GM is a crafty man and put something special in the fine print. The GM can pick any wrestler in EPF to fight for him in his place. It could be anyone. He teases that it could even be Foul G's ally, Bob Coleman. Foul G flips the table and an all out brawl ensures, with refs, security, and other wrestlers breaking up the schmoz. 

Second Match: Tavreth and El Capitan Verde vs. the Stellar Scouts

The match starts with an unfamiliar new team. Two women dressed as anime sailor scouts come out to 70's styled anime music. They come out to some cheers for this tag team match. The first has a Little Dipper symbol on her wrestling tights, while the second has the Southern Cross constellation. We'll call them Dip and Cross. 

We start with Dip and a flustered Capitan. They both go into a collar and elbow lock up, but Dip reverses the hold to a surfboard then laid a hurricanrana. Dip goes for pin and misses. Dip will tag her partner Cross and they go back and forth, with El Capitan taking control. Capitan double team hot tags Tavreth and crushes Cross.. Tavreth with the side slam against the Stellar Scout. Cross interrupts and begs for mercy, throwing Tavreth off enough to slam him in the gut, then tags Dip. Lil Dip then goes in for a top rope dive followed by a frankensteiner into pin. Tavreth escapes, then hits Dip with power slam. She tags out to Cross, but Tavreth immediately gives spear to Cross. While she is crumpled up, Dip distracts the ref and Tavreth looks on in confusion. Cross gets a chair and tries to make it look like Tavreth hit her to the ref, but Tavreth kicks the chair out and gives her a german suplex. El Capitan and Tav do a combo finisher of a Code Green into a Muscle Buster. Team Tavreth and Verde get the win as the Stellar Scouts throw a tantrum for their debut loss.

That ends the actual gameplay, though for building up NPCs we have the following matches

NPC Matches

Sin Miedo vs. Bruno Capello: Sin Miedo makes his first return since the Last Man Standing match, decimating Bruno viciously. He seems to be trying for a comeback.

E2C cut a promo about rising to the top and taking on the tag team champions. Citing their wrestling pedigree, they call out the champions Firefly.

Emilio and Enrique Cruz vs. Mack Razor and Dwayne Clinton: Team E2C beats Mack and Dwayne in a close match, making them 2-1 in EPF and building them up as a credible tag team.

Colleen and Artemis are interviewed about them joining UNITY, saying they are tired for seeing the bad guys running the show. When Colleen is asked about Tavreth eliminating her from the Royal Rumble, Colleen walks off without saying a word.

Colleen vs Masego!: This ends in a no contest, as Jimmy Ladder and Big Willy Johnson interrupt to beat down Colleen, before Artemis runs in and joins Masego! to save her partner.

That ends the show here. Our next match is July 1st and will be quite the card. In the meantime, one thing I want to do with this show is something called The Dirtsheets. In D&D you have rumor tables that have little tales your players can hear that lead them to adventure or disaster. Some are true and some are false. So I'm taking that concept with WWWRPG. The Dirtsheets are rumors about upcoming segments, matches, swerves, and 'real life' issues about the wrestlers. Just like in real life, you have websites like WrestleZone that dish out potential spoilers (true or fake) about upcoming wrestling events. So, I plan on using this for foreshadowing, game immersion, and the potential for moves that involve swerving the Internet Wrestling Community.

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