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Eastern Pro Wrestling Federation Post PPV Game [Actual Play]

Taking a break from D&D writing. Between Starfinder's announcement and NXT Takeover coming this week, it's been hard to continue my train of thought about a contemporary fantasy setting. I'll have to rerail that one of these days. 

On Saturday, I ran my World Wide Wrestling game with some folks from the VGCW forums. It's been going on for quite awhile, starting as a simple one-shot but quickly evolving into it's own mythos of spandex and suplexes (hey, that's not a bad name for an OSR wrestling game ). We recently had our Pay Per View event, the King of Kings Tournament. It was a basic 8 man bracket tournament where the winner gets a title shot of their choice. This game was the post PPV show, where the bad guy stable, the Unholy Alliance, got to gloat as they have been dominating the scene and destroyed the good guys, Unity. Below is the card.


Bob Coleman: Veteran heel that is the winner of the King of Kings cup. The Mouth of the Unholy Alliance, Bob Coleman has a LOT of heat on him. His tag team partner is NPC Adam Connor, the next member of the Unholy Alliance
Foul G: The leader of the Unholy Alliance. A fat, opportunistic heel Provocateur that won the Inter-Regional Championship and has been leading the stable on the warpath
Big Willy Johnson: The muscle of the Unholy Alliance. Despite being a heel, he gets a big pop from the people when he does wrestle
Rayne: The newest member of the Unholy Alliance. She weaseled her way into the Tag Team Championship by taking the spot of an injured Johnny Hook and has since brainwashed her partner, Jimmy Ladder.
Tavreth: The first member of the UNITY group. A face Monster with a martial arts motif. Won his PPV match against Sin Miedo in a Last Man Standing Match
El Capitan Verde: Another Veteran, a luchador that has joined forces with Tavreth to stop the Unholy Alliance and their reign of terror. Was beaten brutally by Bob Coleman in the PPV event
Yarona Riff: A punk rock woman wrestler, she is the third member of UNITY that pulled triple duty in the PPV event. She was in two matches in the tournament and was defeated by Henry Ellis, and then a tag team match with the Dungeon Master against Rayne and Ladder in a losing effort.
Henry Ellis: The golden boy face, Henry has been the perpetual underdog. Making it to the finals in the King of Kings tourney, he lost against Bob Coleman. He's the unofficial member of UNITY, but mostly wants to take down Bob Coleman.
Vlad Viper: A vampire golden boy that has been a bit out of the single match. Tagged with a mind controlled Sasha Lexington.
Sasha Lexington: A wasted submission expert battling alcoholism, she recently almost injured one of the EPF's enhancement talents. She's since been out of the ring. 
Father de Burgh: A zealous Irish Catholic priest that is a Monster. He had a bit of a rough couple of weeks, but is now re-debuting and putting the whole locker room on notice. Looks to continue his feud with Henry Ellis.

The Episode:
The episode starts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as all of the members of the Unholy Alliance step into the ring to gloat about their recent wins. With Bob Coleman winning the King of Kings match, Rayne and Ladder (calling themselves Firefly) as the Tag Team Champions, and Foul G as the Inter-Regional Champion, they are very close to taking over the EPF. Foul G decides to call out the GM of EPF, Montgomery Vincent Peterbilt. Instead of him coming out, Tavreth comes out with an injured Capitan Verde and Yarona Riff. He calls the Unholy Alliance out, saying that UNITY will take down the cheaters and Tavreth personally challenged Foul G for the Inter-Regional Championship that night. MVP would come out and say that since he is in charge, he decides that Tavreth will have a title shot at the next PPV, the American Open. Foul G had his own plans, as he challenged the GM Monty to a match in two weeks. If Foul G wins, then he becomes the new General Manager. If MVP wins, then Foul G is fired. In two weeks, we will see who wins this.

First Match: Father de Burgh vs Bruno Capello
Father de Burgh makes a re-debut with a pulpit in the center of the ring. He puts the entire locker room on notice, saying that he's back and better than ever to punish all sinners. His opponent is Bruno Capello, making his debut. The two lock up and De Burgh dominated most of the match, with Bruno noticeably taking control with a double knee facebreaker. Unfortunately, Bruno would be unable to beat the Preacher of Pain, as he was incapable of doing a vertical suplex to Father and instead got countered. Father de Burgh would finish with a Fall from the Heavens (high cross powerbomb) and get the pin. The good Father is starting his streak strong.

Team UNITY would be in their locker room, trying to give themselves a much needed morale boost. El Capitan Verde gives a rousing speech and helps to raise the spirits of the group. They leave the locker room and Tavreth bumps into Colleen Rhodes, the titaness wrestler that was eliminated by Tavreth in the Royal Rumble. They give each other a stare before fading to black.

Second Match: E2C vs The Olympians
An NPC vs NPC match that was quickly summarized. E2C are two Puerto Rican brothers in their second match, going against Colleen "The Colossus" Rhodes and her partner, Artemis. It was a close match, but the brothers would take the win

Segment and Third Match:
Rayne and Ladder (now going by Jimmy) are backstage talking to their new manage, Big Willy Johnson, and encounter Johnny Hook, Jimmy's old tag team partner. He's wheelchair bound and still suffering his injury from Sasha Lexington. He congratulates Team Firefly on their victory and says that while unorthodox, he's happy to see Rayne hold down the fort until he returns. Johnny Hook is clearly heart broken. Rayne drops an absolutely savage promo, tearing Hook apart, calling him a cripple, and threatens to throw him down some stairs. Yarona bursts out, sick of Rayne treating people like dirt. Rayne says Yarona Riff is just mad that she couldn't go the distance in any of her matches in the PPV. Riff attacks Rayne in a backstage brawl, throwing her into the boxes containing camera equipment. Yarona then slams Rayne in the knee with a box. Unfortunately, Riff would get triple teamed as Big Willy and Jimmy Ladder would attack Riff and all three wrestlers would mug Riff into the ground, leaving her battered backstage. Rayne would then command Big Willy to stuff Hook into a crawlspace and hide his wheel chair.

Fourth Match: Vlad Viper w/ Sasha on ringside vs Henry Ellis
The Count and Henry Ellis take on each other in a close match, with Father de Burgh on commentary. Vlad Viper would try and show off to Sasha, but she would rebuff and ignore him. Henry Ellis would put on a great show of grappling and power, throwing Vlad into Sasha. He also does well at playing to the crowd. Henry Ellis has gotten better at connecting with the crowd. However, this would be his undoing, as going in for a cutter, Vlad would counter and slam him, then climb the turnbuckle and get an elbow drop on him, putting him down. Unfortunately both Vlad and Henry Ellis would get rocked by Father de Burgh, taking advantage of their weakened state. The Preacher of Pain would leave the two crippled on the ground and walk off, cementing his role in the EPF as a terrifying heel.

Interviewer Michael Stand talks with Bob Coleman about being the new King of Kings and who he may use his title shot against. Bob Coleman rebuffs Mike and says that's a stupid question, as the Tag Team and Inter-Regional Champs are all members of his stable. So Bob Coleman makes it clear that he is going for the North American Champion, Ulysses S. Axel. Axel comes into the segment, pretending that Bob is the valet. After mocking the King of Kings, Axel does congratulate him on his win and says that the old timer is going to have his work cut out for him. 

Fifth Match: Tavreth vs Bob Coleman, Foul G, and Adam Connor in a handicap match
Originally a three man tag, it seems that all of the members of UNITY are now injured except Tavreth. He still demands the match, and MVP grants it with the caveat that only Tavreth can use weapons without disqualification. El Capitan would be on commentary. Tavreth goes for Adam Connor with a sledgehammer, but misses and gets attacked by Connor, injuring his back. The three would capitalize on this, with a camel clutch, splash, backbreaker, and senton to further injure Tavreth. Tavreth would fight the odds and show his monstrous power, wrecking each fighter as they would tag out. Foul G would slam El Capitan in the face with a steel chair out of frustration. Tavreth would lose his temper and spear the fat wrestler straight through the barricade, Both would be tired after that spot, and it allowed Adam and Bob to beat down Tavreth. This would cost Tavreth the match as he would be counted out. The winners would continue to beat down Tavreth and El Capitan, until Yarona would come out with a surprise. The Olympians, sick of seeing the Unholy Alliance making a mockery of wrestling, would jump to the rescue. Colleen would run out like a human wrecking ball and destroy Foul G and Adam. As Bob dodges and runs away, he would be met with Artemis's drop kick to his face. UNITY would finally stand tall as there is some semblance of hope against the Unholy Alliance.

And that's it. This has been a great game and while you don't need to know about wrestling to play, it really does help with the experience. I hope everyone enjoyed this and stay tune for some regularly scheduled D&D blogging.

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