Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Different Creation Story

I had this idea for an alternate creation story. One that doesn't start with nothing in the beginning.

"In an age before our own kingdoms and gods, there lived a world beyond our comprehension. A world with it's own creatures, gods, and peoples. None can say if they were like us or something otherworldly, but the legends say that for a time, they knew peace and prosperity that we could only dream of.

Karil was the first of our gods to cross the Ocean of Stars and meet these people. He was the messenger god and patron of travelers and explorers. Karil greeted these people and opened the gates to trade and diplomacy, With bated breath, the gods of the old awaited to receive their new allies.

But peace breeds foolishness and complacency.

Our gods came with the strength of thunder and lightning, with their knights of steel and fire storming the gates. They quickly dispatched the soft guards of the old world and battled the old gods in their own palace. It was a slaughter, as ours are gods of might and brawn, cruelty and guile. But it was cruelty that won the day, and the old gods were executed, their bodies and blood used create mountains and rivers that we see today. The world was theirs and eventually, we mortals would reap the benefits of their victory.

As for the original races of the old world? Some were captured and kept as concubines and servants. Many of the angels and guardians of the gods are enslaved first men, bound by the accords of the spoils of war to serve our gods for all eternity. The ones that fled went to the underground. They became twisted with hate and vengeance and made a pact with a dark and ancient god. Now they plague our kingdoms as demons, subverting our world to reclaim what they believe is rightfully ours.

This is why we raid and war, young one. Peace weakened the old gods and if we rest, it shall weaken ours against any other gods that wish to take our world and enslave us. We must remain the greatest and mightiest, taking what is rightfully ours and sparing no man, woman, or child. Lest we rot in the bowls of the underworld."

The idea behind this was a culture of raiders and warriors and what kind of creation world they might have in a fantasy world. I also kind of like the idea of a war band of gods acting as robber barons.

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