Monday, March 6, 2017

Sci Fi Game Starting Sunday

So for the last couple of months, I've been building a sci fi game that I have been wanting to run eventually. I was waffling around with different gaming systems and have finally settled on what I want to use. I recently picked up M-Space, which looks to be a really cool system for doing some science fiction gaming. So this Sunday, I will be running my first M-Space game with my girlfriend and some mutual friends. Should be interesting.

The Game

So for this, the game is going to start fairly simply. The players are all crew members aboard a bulk freighter that runs cargo between Earth and its colonies on Mars, Luna, Venus, Ceres & Vesta, and the various orbital habitats. There is a cold war brewing that is pushing everything to the brink. The Earth is still a fragmented group of nations that all are trying desperately to hold onto their colonial outposts, while the colonies are trying to wring free from their distant masters. Things are getting heated and the players will get drawn into a terrible and dangerous conspiracy.

The Players

So far, I have my girlfriend playing a fist fighting space engineer, one friend playing the pilot, and a third friend who hasn't quite decided yet. I made a character just to get a good feel for the system. He's an ex Army combat medic that now is the crew's doctor/body guard. 

M-Space looks like a lot of fun. Took a little reading to grok it, but I think it's a fairly intuitive system so far. We're doing the simplified combat for now, though I'm sure once we are used to the system, we can graduate to the more advanced stuff.

I'm curious to see what other's opinions and experiences with M-Space and Mythras have been. Especially when it comes to designing encounters for players, since this will be my first ever d100 GMing experience.

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