Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sci Fi Campaign Map: WIP

A quick little post here. I've been working with GIMP and some tutorials to create planetary maps and textures for the sci fi game I wish to run. These are mostly going to be play aides for the game, to really give the players something cool to look at. The map is still in the rough draft. I need to blend the textures better, do some more texture variations, and redo the ice caps to not be crappy. I may redo the map in a higher resolution, but so far I like the way it looks.

This is the planet NESS-89-03. It's purposefully given a sciency name so that players can rename it to something they prefer when they colonize it. The planet already has several nicknames, including New Earth, Promise, and Zion. There are two main land masses and one large island chain/sub continent. The planet is a little more temperate than Earth, and NESS 89-03 has a shorter year but similar day cycle. It orbits a bright orange K-Class star in its habitable zone as the third celestial body in the system.

What makes NESS 89-03 stand out is that it has Earth analogous fauna and flora. However, the atmosphere is saturated with poisonous fungal spores that are hazardous to human life. This miasma will take some getting used to for the players when they arrive to NESS 89-03.

I'll post up a completed planetary map once I am finished. Also, if anyone has any links to GIMP tutorials that can help with this, please feel free to post them.

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