Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Slice of Life

Something I was musing on was different tones of adventures. Whenever we as GMs write up adventures, generally they are adversarial. Something bad happens and the players react to it. In many circles, we like to increase the badness with more adult oriented and realistic issues (genocide, murder, rape, etc.). There are varying degrees on this based on player comfort and such, but generally, increasing the impact of the antagonists and their crimes and plots are common to us GMs. A lot of it is because we want to make memorable villains and plots

I wonder though, has anyone tried doing a scenario without an antagonist? I suppose I mean that the players run through an experience rather than a plot?

Once example of this I did was back a couple of years ago. The players held a festival honoring their fallen comrade who was a great patron to the kingdom they owned. The festival lasted the entire game session and it was made up of events, roleplaying, carnival games, and ended with the cremation of the character. There were no antagonists or bad guys, save for some friendly competition in the archery contest. But ultimately the players had a great deal of fun with a calmer, more slice of life adventure. Plus, it really cemented their place in the game world since the festival was in the dead PC's honor.

I'd like to do more adventures like this, especially after doing a heavy, dark adventure. What are some examples of these slice of life games that you found were great? How did they work out, and what are some good ideas on running more?

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