Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Amnesia Tables and Addendum

Here is the original post about amnesia. Since I don't really like editing blogs I've published, I have an addendum to the previous Amnesia rules.

When a player tries to claim a memento, they should make a DC 10 Intelligence check. Failure means that they don't claim the memento and regain the chip they threw in, but they cannot claim that particular memento again for a whole week.

Here are some tables one can roll on to make up a memory to attach to a keepsake.

Living Being
1 - This is a distant family member from your past. A cousin, great uncle, niece, or someone not a part of your immediate family.
2 - This is an old lover from your past that for some reason, you left (or they left you).
3 - This is your current lover, who you do not remember.
4 - This is an old friend from your childhood.
5 - This is an old buddy from your time in your profession (an old war buddy or co adventurer).
6 - This is an immediate family member (parent, sibling, or child)
7 - This is an old mentor of yours
8- This is an old rival from your past that wants to stir things up
9 - This is an old enemy from your past out to get you.
10 - This is your trusty animal friend (dog, horse, familiar). Reroll if human.

1 - This is where you met your most important lover
2 - This is your ancestral home.
3 - This is where you went to school
4 - This is where you lost your virginity
5 - This is where you killed your first person
6 - This is the place where your mentor would teach you
7 - This is the place where you were left for dead before your amnesia
8 - This is where your parents were murdered
9 - This is where you met your best friend
10 - This is where your childhood died

1 - This event marks a battle that you fought in
2 - This event is where you proposed to your lover
3 - This event is where you got into a terrible fight with your rival
4 - This event marks when your mentor and you became close
5 - This event is one you loved in your childhood.
6 - This event is where you had your coming of age ceremony
7 - This event was one you and your parents loved most
8 - This event is where your lover left you for your rival
9 - This is the event where you met your animal companion
10 - This event ostracized you from your community

1 - This belonged to a friend that died in battle
2 - This is what you gave to your lover to seal your bond
3 - This is important to your parents
4 - This belongs to your animal companion
5 - This was your mentor's before they passed away
6 - This reminds you of a time you had with a close friend years ago
7 - This was an important charm for your community
8 - This is your family's totem
9 - This was important in your childhood
10 - This item is linked to how you lost your memory

Concept: You can roll this or pick a sense (sight, smell, etc) and roll one of the table above to see what it reminds you of
1 - This was an idea that your mentor believed in fervently
2 - This was something that you would have died for
3 - This was something you never really care about
4 - You absolutely hate this concept and fight against those that would uphold it
5 - This was something your lover believed in greatly
6 - This was an important concept to your community

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